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Privacy Policy

Palitana Calling Privacy Policy Information presented on the Palitana Calling app is not owned, created, generated or edited by Color Creations Pvt. Ltd. or Trailcode Inc. Color Creations Pvt. Ltd. and Trailcode Inc are not responsible for any incomplete and incorrect information. Color Creations Pvt. Ltd. and Trailcode Inc are also not responsible or liable for any missing categories, items, businesses or item information. The usage of the Palitana Calling is only at your Will and the usage will require an active internet connection. The Palitana Calling app will send your app usage activities to Trailcode Inc for analysis and performance purposes. The Palitana Calling app will not track any of your personal information and/or other activities you perform outside the Palitana Calling. General Data Privacy Regulation / Data Privacy Your personal information, collected during the Registration process, will always remain in custody of the Color Creations - Palitana Calling app. All of your information, including name, email address, phone number, city, state and country will NOT be shared, sold, leased, or be accessed by any third-party app, vendors or service providers. Your information may be used by us for any customer satisfaction survey, promotional and in-app offers or updates news for existing app only, feature promotional offers for possible app developed for Color Creations. Your personal information will only be stored on our server with no access to any third-parties, or external entities. Your data will not be sold, displayed or shared with any third-parties. Your personal data will only be shared within Palitana Calling, Color Creations, and Trail Code Inc in order to survey any market research, promotional or information update, or error monitoring. Updated: May 1, 2018

Policy Version: 1.0.2

App Version: 2.2